Sunday 6 June 2010

Over The Solway Monotype

From a rocky bit of beach near Sandy Hills (the Scottish side of the Solway) my favorite beach visited again this half term, camping with the family. I grabbed a quick watercolour sketch which I made this Monotype from. The colours were so vibrant as the sky darkened just before it started to pour down.

The Lizard Tree Monotype

There is a tree on Bonis Hall Lane that you see as you drive towards the junction with the Silk Road into Macclesfield that I always thinks lookes like it has a Lizard sat in it.

Views of White Nancy Monotypes

These two images are views of White Nancy from the bottom of Clark Lane, a view that welcomes you into Bollinton just after turning in off the roundabout on the Silk Road.

From The Edge of Macclesfield Forest Monotype

From a walk in Macclesfield forest this is from the top looking East over the Peaks

Macclesfield Canal Monotype

This view of the canal is looking back towards the bridge just as you come onto the tow path off Clark Lane, Kerridge. A scene I pass often, I love the way the tree arches over the path.