Friday 23 April 2010

Little Leo collection

Little Leo, Monotype#2
A couple of years ago I grew some little Leo Sunflowers, a dwarf variety they were fab so I did a couple of paintings of them to brighten up my kitchen. I have just revisited the sunflower images I started with this little monotype.

Little Leo, oil and collage on canvas 70 x 60cm
I then took some petals on paper and stuck them on a canvas and did this collage and oil painting, because the yellow petals of the big flower is monotype on paper they seem to glow against the dark background.

Little Leo, oil on canvas 122 x 76cm
I liked the first monotype image so I did a large oil of it, this little Leo is not so little.

Tall Sunflower, Monotype#2
Finally another monotype not a little Leo this time I cant remember the variety it was a straggler against the back fence but still a wonderful flower.

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